Thanks to y'all, Family, Friends, who help me since the beginning of that Hell of a Trial... 
From your Love, I get the strength to move on !
This journal helps me a lot to stay positive.
I had the idea of it because I found some other testimonies which helped me a lot when I was in despair and panic, searching for information on cyberspace.

2004, April - June : Three total Epilepsy ceizures, and then a bunch of examinations reveal a brain tumor Doctors present as a benign one.
I must say I never suffered with epilepsy before..

2004, july 12 : After cuttin' my long hair with my three children's help all around of me,
I have successfull brain surgery in the "Toulon Sainte-Anne's Army Hospital" which is five minutes far from home.
The tumour is totally removed and I hope to get soon my guitars back in hands to,
at last, record this new album which has been ready for two years now !

2004 , September : According to the Analysis, tumour is a graded III Olygoastrocytoma.
It's non malignant tumour, but which has this "easily growing back" default I'll learn about later...
For now, I have to begin a long time PCV chemiotherapy and radiotherapy treatment,
plus the anti-epileptic medication that I take since the operation, what should lead me to the end of 2005.
We already eat "organic" at home, but we get harder in that way, and I begin a very particular chemio adapted diet.
As a homeopathy adept, you can imagine how difficult it is for me to enter in this chemiotherapy business...
I also start a kind of a psychotherapy leaded by a good female coach I met "on the way",
to try to understand how this shit came into me, and try to find the way out...
It' a great help !
with friend Jean Muller, november 2004 under Riviera's sunshine
Getting back on stage is my priority, but I should not say when, because I'm so tired, and the tumor being right sided,
I lost both left hand and leg dexterity... Playing my particular guitar style becomes mostly impossible!

2005, January : I hardly succeed playin' three tunes for kids and parents in my 3 year little boy's school.

2005, February - March : 30 days radiotherapy. let's say goodbye to the beautiful hair which was growin' back,
and here I am as a "Huron" warrior, just before my home.

2005, March 25 : Friends tame me to Hot Tuna's concert in Hyères. Great pleasure listening to the music...
It's been a long time since I went to a show!
My left leg gets shaky more than one time with so much emotion.
I decide to get out every time it's possible!

2005, April 7 : I'm 40 ! I didn't imagine it like that, but I feel great... Check this out !
Even if a small epilepsy crisis can cross the treatment for time to time. We re-enforce the treatment.
I get back on drivin' my Blue Ford.
As I became a Relaxation, Visualization & Meditation practiser, I realise some little slide music tunes in this way.

2005, May : Two "crazy" trips driving my Blue Ford : Duke Robillard's show in Marseille on 18th,
where I join my friends Loup Blanc and Djamel Deblouze ; and later my old friend Van Wilks' show (I was his bass player for a few days back in 1998)
in Salon-de-Provence on 28th, at Portail-Coucou, a cool club I didn't know before. I promise to myself I'll be playin' there one day!

Summer 2005 : home most of the time. Rest, I need much rest. Too hot and I must avoid sunshine.
Chemio, more chemio. Frends and family often come to visit and I apreciate!
Then comes Avignon Blues Festival where I go to listen to John Primer and Keith B. Brown!
Six ears later my own show in that festival, I'm back in the audience, happy to see nobody's forgotten me.
Thank you Michel Laporte for your words about me in your introduction, Jean-Pierre for everyting,
David "Peppermint" to mmet you at last, and all the team of this beautiful event...
(photos J.P. Tabet)

2005, September : New school year... for kids, Poppy and I!
To exercise my brain, I learn german language and teach guitar to my german teacher.
I get deeply involved in a spiritual quest (I've always been a "mysical person" and start practising Yoga.


2005, November: I receive my first Amma's Darshan, as she's for three days in Toulon's Zénith.

2005, December : Doctors discover the tumour is growin' back in the same place.
As I wasn't expecting that kind of stuff, I get a little bit crazy. New Brain surgery and chemiotherapy are the next step.
I make my own research. I discover this extraordinary french Professeur Mirko Beljanski's works and products
still forbidden in France and shamely hidden by french official medecine drugs lobby.
I mentally prepare myself to be the more serene possible, and family helps a lot :

2006, January 17 : Brain Surgery is made again by the same Doc whom I trust a lot.
The tumour is no longer visible on the post-operation M.R.I.
Everyting seems to be alright, and I took my 136 pounds and 5' 11" back home on january 20th at night.
I begin a new "Temodal" type chemiotherapy for the next year, still with the same anti-epileptic treatment
Strangely, I feel that sensation I can play guitar more easily than after the first operation...

 Februry, 2006 : Post-operative shock : a huge brain œdema makes me begin a left-side hemiplegia
and sends me back in hospital for one week on a cortisone drip.
Back home, and back on chemio one week later...

April, 2006 : Each Temodal chemio cure is a terrible pain in my belly for more than a week.
I notice I didn't have any epilepsy crisis since december...
So we reduce the anti-epileptic treatment to get more energy in the morning so I can work in studio.
I get back to guitars, harps & stool... And goes at last in a studio to record something !


2006, May 4 : The control M.R.I. that I just had the day earlier shows an almost disparition of the oedema,
and the decrease of what could be tumour residue on the one before (23/02).
So we keep on the treatment. Next M.R.I.will be on the end of july.
Oh, I forgot… I'm back in the studio ! Lord, it's so good to feel himself makin' music again…
Atoll Studio, Toulon

2006, End of June : 8 tracks are finally cut... I love them.
Great time of happiness with Eric Bibb's concert in Marseille's Gard'en Blues Festival.
I met there my good parisian bluesfriend Pat Boudot-Lamot, who's here to play with Leadfoot Rivet & his Blues Conspiracy friends.
Thanks Pat, your CD's playin' at home. Big Hug.

2006, August 1st : July 25th MRI is wonderful !!!
No more oedema and almost disparition of the tumour, proof that the treatments are doin' good on me.
Brother J. Dustin Sommers just sent me his last dedicated CD to encourage, and it does a lot.
Thanks for his care and this magnificent love that shines all around him...
I had to stop the recordings in July because of the heat situation here, and the circadas who sing louder than me!
We'll get back on the job when it's time... Waiting for it, I write and compose some new material.
And at last, let's go for a real vacation back on atlantic ocean with my beloved family, first time in four years.
Sweet Emmylou of mine

2006, October 15 : I just ended my seventh Temodal cure out of the twelve I have to make.
I'm tired but it's gonna be okay, cause I'm in good form since my vacation.
I've been swimmin', runnin', workin'out... I keep on keepin' on, and just started my second year of Yoga.
I'm gettin' some weight back : went down to 134 pounds, I'm back on 138...
The neurologist is progressively decreasin' my cortisone and anti-epileptic medication.
But, what I've been waitin', and also dreadin' these past days, was to get back to recording studio,
because of this new recent interruption in my guitar practisin' (too much heat this summer).
There it goes : three new tunes on three sessions, it makes ten ouf the twelve I have to make !
You bet how happy I am. Next MRI on half-November.

2006, November 16 : Even in a very good shape today, I can't help being such nervous while waiting for an MRI results.
The last one I had two days ago is actually an excellent one! I just learned it on the phone this afternoon,
as I was walking back home from downtown ; I walk very often theses days, and it really bucked me up !
Next week, I'm havin' my eightieth Chemio cure.
Back to music, I still have 11 tracks, which makes one more track to go.
It's a fast tune, I already had tried it at the beginning of those sessions, but I couldn't pass.
Gonna try again one of these days, so I can soon introduce to you my next album.

Happy New Year !!

2007, January 23 : Today is the beginning of my tenth chemio cure.
Results are still good, I will have another MRI in the end of March.
My birthday should coincide with my final cure : is 42 the age of Victory ?
For now, time is in patience, meditation, and... wisdom.
I still can't play that 12th tune,
anyway the studio recently moved and is having work done,... just like me !

2007, February 28 : Eleventh cure is on, and as we're on holidays, I'm very supported !
Strong Wind of these last days mede me rediscover a delightful sensation : my hair movin'. I like that.
My buddies' rockin' band P-TROLL's show was excellent and gave me some energy...
The studio should be ready soon, I get myself ready to record this twelve and final tune,
but something makes me think it vould coincide with that twelve and final cure.
MRI is planned on March 29, before the cure, but will determine ifd it's really the final one.

2007, April 2 : Fresh air fills my lungs as sunshine warms my body...
Is this happiness ? Poppy and I are getting out from hospital, walking slowly, with a smile on our faces.
The MRI is more than beautiful, I never saw such a healthy pic of my brain ;
doc said "you're in remission, monsieur Langlois". Remission ! It's a success !
Let's stop chemio and keep medical supervision with a new MRI in four months,
next one five months later ; then one every six months...
I feel goooood ! 

2007, April 7 : That's it, I'm 42, and back to work in Atoll's brand new studio.
It took me two half-a-day sessions to spit out only a half of this 12th tune.
I understand that I will have to wait some more time.
I'm weak, catch every dirty thing which comes close to me, specially this bronchitis which won't leave me for the next two months...

2007, May : Time to begin a big natural treatment to clean up my whole organism so I can get my immune defences back.


12 !

2007, June 7: After this two-month interruption, I went back in studio this morning, very decided to cut that final piece.
And here I am ! I made it, fellows...
The material for this CD is the one I wrote in 2000-2001 and played on stage then until 2004.
That's why I'd like to add one song from today...
I have something in mind, I keep workin' on it, will tell you about it still on this page !

2007, July 6  : I told you : a thirteen song came out, connected with everyting occured on this page !
I played several parts on this tune, and I have a guest : my friend Jean with his didgeridoo.
I don't say more, you will have to listen...

2007, July 23 : First control MRI and appointment with neurologist since the chemio cure ended.
I'm goin' with strange feelings, mixing trust and fear.
Results are good and the smile is back on my face... The doctor keeps on slowly decreasin' the anti-epileptic treatment.
I leave for holydays. I think I deserve it.

2007, September 9 : Today we all went out to shoot some beautiful pics to make a nice digipack.
Marc "No Fish" Poveda and I start mixing the thirteen tracks of the new Album !

2007, November 19 : I had a new MRI and it's very good ! Let's keep on keepin' on !
I was so scared !
Master is ready, digipack & booklet too.
The new album is named "THANKFUL", and should be released soon...
Marc did a wonderful job, I love the sound !

2008, January 1st : The CD is here, but Poppy left the Ship...
End of Story, see you on the Road !